Dressed Irons Update

In case you are not a subsciber to the Dressed Irons newsletter, I sent a notice out a few days ago about what has been, or hasn’t been, happening with the website and the overall future of Dressed Irons’ Internet presence.  Here is that notice….

To all my subscribers I say Thank You! Thank you for being involved with Dressed Irons and your continued patience as I figure out just what I am doing with this “content creation/web presence”.

Not much has been happening with the website for a few months as I have been pondering just what to do with it in combination with YouTube, Rumble, Instagram and Locals. Sometimes all this social media stuff can be a bit overwhelming in that you feel a need to have a presence on all these platforms but how do you go about maximizing that overall Internet presence and not just repeat the same information from one platform to another. For the past year or so I was getting more the feeling that I was simply repeating information on the website that is already on YouTube as well as Rumble and Instagram.

In my ponderings I have tried to look at it as what types of information and /or products does Dressed Irons focus on. I have boiled down to the following,

–  Products – Flies, Stickers, Bodkins and other merch

–  Fly Tying Information – in the form of tying videos, articles and photos.

The actual physical products are relegated to the website so that leaves the information which (historically) has been on the website, YouTube, Rumble, Locals (https://diflytying.locals.com/) and Instagram. Which means that the informational content on the website has been more or less duplicated with what is published elsewhere. Plus, in the past eight months I have been trying to focus on more information through Locals as I see it as a place (in the long run) where more people can interact with each other than the website which is more or less one way information. Add to all that the fact that more and more people turn to videos to learn something new rather then articles or written instruction. All of this has lead me to take a hard look at where people are viewing/interacting with DressedIrons.com the most. The overall conclusion is that the website gets the least amount of traffic with the articles and Step-By-step instruction getting the least (which is why I stopped doing Step-by-Step instruction a while ago).

This means that moving forward DressedIrons.com will (mostly) be focusing on merchandise (flies, shirts, hats, hoodies, tools, stickers, etc…) with an occasional blog post specific to what is happing on the website. I will be continuing to publish on YouTube and Rumble as both of those are growing well. Any future articles, snippets, news, etc… will be published throw Locals and Instagram. This will help me to maximize my time at the computer and hopefully focus followers attention (for whatever interests them) to a more specific location rather than over all of the various platforms.

I will be keeping any articles, Step-by-Step instructions and blog posts that are on DressedIrons.com here for the time being but will eventually move any written fly tying/fishing information over to the Dressed Irons Guild over on Locals (https://diflytying.locals.com/).

So, the main page of the website will be changing as well as content in the coming months. I will publish many notices on Instagram, Locals, and YouTube/Rumble as these changes are happening. I welcome any feedback anyone might have in regards to making the Dressed Irons internet presence easier to navigate and more useful.

More newsletters and updates coming.

I have already begun to add more products and have already run into some issues.  Soon, I will begin redesigning the overall website.

Remember….. It’s Fly Tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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