Redfish Hammerhead Flies

In preparation for my upcoming Redfish trip to LA I contacted our guide, Kevin Morlock about what flies to bring/tie for the trip. As usual, no specific patterns were given but lots of suggestions about the type of fly, action, color, weight and so on. However, he did focus on specific versions of the Hammerhead fly that might be worth tying and throwing to see how they do. I have known Kevin for over ten years and we have become good friends and often this is how our conversations go. Meaning, “yeah that might work” or “you could reduce the weight and tie it in purple” and the ever present “sure, we’ll make it work”.

I have been on enough fishing trips over the years to know that I can tie up 20 different patterns (in three different weights and colors), haul 250 flies around in three big Plano boxes and catch all of the fish for the entire trip on 1 fly (o.k., maybe two; same fly just a different size). I have also come to realize that a portion of the enjoyment of the overall adventure is in tying flies and dreaming of which pattern will work or how they will fish. Judgment comes at the end of trip to determine if time spent at the vise was the best part of the trip. All this said, Kevin gave me some really good ideas on experimenting with the Hammerhead pattern and throwing some to Redfish. I have already caught Carp, Northern Pike, Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass, Chinook Salmon and Bonefish on variations of the Hammerhead (I even heard a rumor that a Brown Trout was taken on one once [it was on the Internet]). So, for the past couple weeks I have been scratching out some time at the vise to come up with some variations of the Hammerhead that I think Redfish might like.

This post will show some of the first ones I have tied and explain the variations. Other variations will be posted soon. If you have not seen how the Hammerhead is tied you can check out the Step by Step instructions here at Dressed Irons or you can check out a video produced by A Tight Loop a few years ago of me tying the Hammerhead.

The biggest variation in these is going with less weight. They are all tied on a Mustad S71SS (34007) number 2 hook and all have the same Extra Large Bead Chain eyes. However, instead of a wrapping .035 lead wire on the shank I used .015 (about half the original weight). The other thing is the Bead Chain eyes themselves. Not knowing if Gold eyes will show up well or not I chose to tie some with Gold and some with Silver eyes.

The first batch is basically all white but I did tie some using Barred White Rabbit Zonkers to give a little contrast at the rear of the body. The photos on this page show the different body colors next to the different Bed Chain eyes. There are also individual photos of each fly. I have also changed the color of the Rear Body material. For this version I went with a flat braid made by Fyre Werks in a pearl color.

That’s it on the Hammerheads for now. I have more I am getting photos of and will have them posted soon.


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