More Redfish Hammerheads

Still getting ready for the upcoming Redfish trip on the 15th. In the midst of tying up some experimental Hammerhead flies. You can read the first post on the Redfish Hammerhead flies that explains how this “experiment” came about and see some of the other Hammerhead flies I have tied so far.

Here I have some Black Barred Tan Hammerheads and some White and Pink Hammerheads. Both are ties with extra large Bead Chain eyes in Gold and Silver. The White and Pink ones have about three to four wraps of White rabbit zonker and two wraps of Pink in front. I was hoping for more of the white to show along the body and under the pink but the length of the hair on the white zonker was not as long as the pink rabbit hair. A few turned out as I wanted. Don’t know if it will make a difference but something to make note of for the future.  I can select white rabbit zonkers that have longer hair than the pink or overlay rabbit zonker.

Currently working on the last three variations.  Should have these up in a couple of days.  Then onto topwater flies!



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