Last Batch of Redfish Hammerheads

At least for this trip… this is the last batch of Redfish Hammerhead flies. When talking with Kevin Morlock (our guide) he seemed to think Chartreuse and a combination of Chartreuse and Purple would be very productive. These are setup the same way as the other Redfish Hammerheads (read about it here) and also have some tied with Gold and Silver extra large Bead Chain eyes.

The Chartreuse ones use a Black Barred Rabbit Zonker to add just a little contrast to the fly. The Chartreuse and Purple use a Chartreuse Rabbit Cross-Cut and I specifically chose a strip that had longer hair than the purple. I wanted the Chartreuse to show very well under/behind the Purple.

The orange ones were thrown in for good measure. Mostly, because while rooting through my rabbit zonkers I ran across the Black Barred Orange zonkers and thought they might look good. I only tied up three of each (Gold and Silver Bead chain) instead of a half dozen like the rest. If nothing else, they will be good Carp and Smallmouth flies for up on Beaver Island in June!

At some point this winter I will be updating the Step by Step Instructions for the Hammerhead as well as a new and updated video on tying this fly. I will also include some of the variations that have become popular (at least that I have heard of) and the different species the variations are designed for. Coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the birth of the Hammerhead.

Also read my post on More Redfish Hammerhead flies for some other variations.

No more Hammerheads for a while. Now moving on to some Clouser Deep minnows and a few topwater flies. Keeping things simple as I will probably still catch all my fish on one fly the guide gives me!






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