On the Way to Redfish

The day has finally arrived, headed to Houma, LA for some Redfish fishing. All the flies are tied, probably more than I need, and all the gear is packed. Taking 10 weight rods and fishing with straight 30 pound mono (about 3 – 5 feet in length) for leader and tippet.

The information from Kevin (our guide) is that they have not been seeing schools around tailing or chasing Mullet but they have been catching fish everyday blind casting poppers.  Who knows though. We just got seven inches of snow in central Indiana and they have been getting a bunch of ran along the gulf coast. In two day, especially two sunny days, things can change a lot!

I had already planned on tying up some larger poppers and taking a few of the larger bass poppers I already had. I figured simple is usually better and decided to tie up some 1/2 inch Krebs Style Poppers. These are tied with 1/2" foam cylinders, some marabou for the tail and Schlappen for the collar. Very basic, very rugged and very effective. Gary Krebs has a nice series of videos that show how he makes these poppers. They are both tied very simply however, on two of the Chartreuse poppers I added some Magnum Silver Holographic Flashabou to the tail simply because I had a few strands laying on my desk after tying some Clouser Deep Minnows.

If it one thing I have learned over the years of fly fishing it is to never head out on a trip without a few Clouser Deep Minnows. Unless I am specifically going out to just nymph for trout or only throw poppers to smallies I have to always have a few Clousers, just in case. Again, keeping things simple, because it is very easy to get carried away with color variations and sizes and weights when tying Clouser Minnows, I chose to just tie in one size, with a standard Dumbell eye (red and black, medium) and some in all White and some in Chartreuse and White. I tied a half dozen of each and two of the all White ones were tied with some Faux Bucktail from Flymen Fishing Company. Interesting material. I have had a clump of this for about 4 months and had not had a chance to use it yet. I thought this would be a great time to see what it was like to tie flies with it as well as fish them. I am planning on a post about this material after I get back so I can write about both aspects at the same time.

The only other topwater flies I tied were about ten Gurglers. In most of the materials I read about fishing for Redfish Gurglers were mentioned. Again, keeping these simple and tying them rugged.

I am as ready as I can be for a trip like this. As I mentioned in my other posts, we'll probably catch all of our fish on some no name guide fly they threw together the night before. But I will take plenty of photos and videos of the adventure.

Always remember…it's fly tying….it's fun.

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