Redfish Summary

This is just a quick summary post about the trip to Louisiana for some Redfish. I will be writing a more detailed article in the coming weeks but I wanted to get something up to basically say what a wonderful trip it was! We fished for three days and Kevin and Steve of Indigo Guide Service were just fantastic.

As I expected, the weather was a big factor in our success in fishing. We had overcast skies for about 80% of our first day. Plus, the temps started out in the upper 30s and ended in the low 50s with a consistent 10 mph wind. This meant that visibility was limited even though the water clarity was good. I managed to get a nice 12 – 13 pound Redfish on early in the morning on a Chartreuse and Purple Hammerhead. However, the hook torn out of his mouth while bringing him to the net. Luckily, Don (my fishing buddy that day) redeemed us by catching a nice 18 pound Bull later in the day. We saw a number of fish, especially as the sun started to come out but did not manage to get any interest.

Second day Steve (my fishing partner that day) caught about a 10 pound Redfish fairly quick. The weather was warmer, mid 40s in the morning and mid 50s by the late afternoon. The wind had slowed down a little which meant we were able to see fish better. I spooked a few but managed to catch a nice 29 inch 16 pound Bull by the end of the day. Both Steve's and my Redfish were caught on a black barred white Hammerhead!

The last day saw me fishing with Gary and we both managed to land some REALLY nice Redfish. Much tougher conditions. Wind from the South, which means high water (the wind from the South pushes water in from the Gulf of Mexico). The sustained 10 mph or so wind also meant tough casting and visibility as the wind churned up the water.  Cloud cover was intermittent with even some rain during the day. The one saving grace was the temps were in the low 50s in the morning and upper 60s by the end of the day. All of this meant very tough conditions for fly fishing. However, we were also fishing with some spinning gear. Steve Martinez, our guide, had a float and jig rig setup on a spinning rod which helps prob a little deeper water while one person is fly fishing. By 10:00am I managed to catch a 37 inch 22 pound Bull Redfish on the spinning gear. But Gary was not going sit for that. He managed to bring in a 44 inch 34 pound beast about an hour later. I had one small bump on a fly later in the day but otherwise nothing. We barely even saw any fish that day.

As I said, this is just a summary. There is a lot more info to pass on about our accommodations, how great the guides are, the areas we fished and even the Dolphins we saw. All in all a fantastic trip. I have more photos and a few videos to share but I will be putting them in an article in the coming weeks. Check back soon.

Always remember…it's fly tying….it's fun.

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