On the Trail of Redfish

I am very excited to announce that I and a few friends will be heading to Louisiana to throw some flies at Redfish this January. Two friends of mine, Kevin Morlock and Steve Martinez of Indigo Guide Service, have started guiding on the gulf coast in January and February for Redfish. Since I have caught Browns, Rainbows, Steelhead, Salmon, Smallies, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Great Lakes Carp, and Drum with these two guys why not add Redfish to the list. I am headed down on January 13th for three days of fishing. I will be posting info on Dressed Irons about the trip as it unfolds (with photos) so check back often. For now, here is the first post on some of the flies I am tying for this trip. I tied up some Estaz Shrimp patterns. Very simple and easy flies. I tied some in normal colors and darker just in case the waters are muddy.

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