Invalids and Fly Tying

Looks like the fly tying is on hold for a while. Unfortunately, years of typing are catching up with me, or maybe it is just THE years are catching up with me? Nope, it's the typing. Anyway, I've had to have some work done on the hands so I can keep doing what I love without causing extensive nerve damage. That's a longer way of saying I had Carpel Tunnel surgery.

The real problem is I have to have one hand done at a time. So, right now my right hand is out of commission for a week opr so. I am hoping to be able to type again (and tie flies) in a couple weeks before having to have the left hand done. Not certain what the recovery time on these things is but it is best to get it done now. Once both hands are healed I am planning on starting to get some fly tying videos done to expand Dressed Irons and my mission.

So, check back and I will let everyone know how the hands are doing and what is happening.

Remember Always…it's fly tying….it's fun.


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