Tying Video – Soft Hackle Beadhead Prince Nymph

This weeks video is on the Prince Nymph, or more correctly a Soft Hackle Beadhead Prince Nymph.  The Prince Nymph is a very versatile trout nymph that can resemble many different larva in the water and will catch many different species of fish.  The most difficult aspect of tying the fly is securing the white goose biot horns (or wing) on the back of the fly.  Biots in general can be a bit tricky to work with.  However, the Prince Nymph is a forgiving fly in that it does not have to be perfect to still fish well.  If you are wanting to get into working with biots in your fly tying then the Price Nymph is a wonderful fly to practice with.

The Soft Hackle Beadhead version simply means that a small gold bead is added to the hook when you begin tying so it is at the front of the fly.  The gold bead adds some sparkle (attraction) and weight to the fly.  If you are tying the beadhead version, as in the video, make certain to use a longer shank hook.  If you use a standard length nymph hook the bead will take up space on the shank and the resulting fly body will look too short.  If you do not want to tie a beadhead version than simply use a standard nymph hook (Mustad 3906).  The “Soft Hackle” portion of this fly comes from the hackle being used in tying this fly is a Speckled Hen hackle and it is “softer” than the more commonly used rooster neck hackle.  I prefer the softer hackles on nymphs as well as the mottling the speckled hen hackle provides.

I published a video on YouTube on tying the Soft Hackle Beadhead Prince Nymph (see below) and a Step by Step article this time.  The video covers all that is needed however the high resolution images in the Step by Step instructions might help clarify a few things for some people.  If you would rather purchase some Soft Hackle Beadhead Prince Nymph than tie your own, or perhaps you want one in your hand while you learn them, you can purchase some Soft Hackle Beadhead Prince Nymph here at Dressed Irons (while supplies last).  

As always, if you have any questions about this fly (or any other) you can leave a comment on Dressed Irons or any of the videos I have produced and I will help in anyway I can.   Enjoy!

Remember…..  It’s Fly tying…..  If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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