Fall Fly Tying Classes

The Pink PupJust a quick note about some fall fly tying classes.  I have had a number of people asking about what and when this fall and I just recently settled on some dates and classes.  All of these classes will be at FlyMasters of Indianapolis at 1:00 p.m.  They should all be over by 4:00 p.m. but may go long if many people show up.  Each class is $35.00 and includes all materials and a handout with recipe information on all of the flies as well as links to online resource (when available) for each fly.  You will need to bring your own vise and tying tools as well as head cement and thread.  Some classes may require additional tools and materials and they will be noted for each class.  About a week before each class there will be a post on Dressed Irons with pictures of the flies, specific thread needed and any additional information about the class.

The following classes have been scheduled for the coming months.

September 14th, Bucktail Streamers
– The Pink Pup
– Ambrose Bucktail
– The Little Brown Trout

October 5th, Wet Flies
– The Fletcher
– The Irish Grouse
– Allerton

November 9th, Dry Flies
– Adams
– Parachute Dark Hendrickson
– Biot Gordon

The flies are subject to change as well as the dates of the classes (rarely) so check back here a day or so before heading to the class.  I will keep the site up to date as the time draws near.  Hope to see you this fall!

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