Tying Video – The Ambrose Bucktail

The Ambrose Bucktail is the third bucktail streamer in a series this fall. It is also the third fly to be taught in a Bucktail Streamer class this September. I wanted to throw in a bass streamer since many people do not realize there are a number of patterns that were created to target bass. The fly is not a difficult fly to tie and can easily be modified for various water conditions. Although the wing seems to stick up at a sharp angle while in the vise it lays down all along the fly while in the water and takes on the perfect shape of a small shad. All in all, a fun tie and a great fly to target large and Smallmouth Bass when the streamer bite is on.

I have one more bucktail streamer fly video this next week. This is the bonus fly that will not be taught in the class but I will hand out a recipe sheet for and discuss in the class. All of these flies were taken from the book by Mike Valla, Tying & Fishing Bucktails and Other Hair Wings. If you enjoy these more “traditional” streamers this is a wonderful book that does a great job of explaining how these flies are put together, fished as well as their history. Plus, you can attend the class and get some hands on learning on tying these flies. They are fun to tie as well as fish and they give you a sense of keeping in touch with the past (a little bit).

You can also purchase some Ambrose Bucktail streamer here on Dressed Irons, follow this link.

As always, if you have any questions about this fly (or any other) you can leave a comment on Dressed Irons or any of the videos I have produced and I will help in anyway I can. Enjoy!

Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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