What in the world is Dressed Irons all about??

First (and foremost) it is about Fly Tying. In the old days hooks that were used for making flies were referred to as ‘Irons’. Also, in the forgone days, when you tied a fly it was referred to as ‘Dressing’ the fly. Therefore…. (drum roll), Dressed Irons!

So, this site is all about fly tying and a little fly fishing thrown in to show that the flies tied here actually do work to catch fish. However, you may be asking yourself, “what about fly tying will be on this site”? You might even be saying to yourself, “great, ANOTHER fly tying website”! The question and the statement are both understandable. With so many people tying flies on the internet what is going to make Dressed Irons stand out from the rest. Simple, breadth and quality of content. 

Let me say here and now that there a number of individuals and organizations that are tying flies on the web that are doing an excellent job. A number I have spent MANY hours enjoying watching and learning from. I am not going to mention them here because this is the “About” page for Dressed Irons and the content should be about this site. The primary goal of Dressed Irons is to add to the growing body of quality fly tying that is on the internet so that the art, trade, skill, pastime, whatever label you wish to apply will be passed on to others so that they can enjoy what we believe to be one of the best activities man (and woman) has ever created.

The Goal

You see, just having videos of someone tying a fly is not enough, in my opinion. There is so much more to fly tying that most people do not discuss or pass along that many people are eager to learn. This goal will be accomplished by producing many quality videos and articles on fly tying, It will not just be limited to the act of tying a fly. Much will be shared about the materials, skills, techniques, history and activities of fly tying as a whole. Dressed Irons will not be a fly tying home that everyone in the world will like. However, my goal is that there will be something here that everyone will find useful, educational and maybe even entertaining.

It is starting small and will be building as time goes by. I have many plans for content in the next 6, 12, 18 and 24 months out and beyond. I welcome everyone to send a note to share their thoughts and constructive feedback. 

For now, this will give you an idea of what we are about. As time goes by this page will be updated and revised as things grow and expand these goals.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Dressed Irons and I hope you enjoy your time here!

Ian Anderson