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Having been doing videos for almost two years now and teaching classes much longer I have found that one of the most frequent questions I get from people concerns where I get my materials for tying flies.  Most materials are very common and easy to find but other can take a little digging.

Firstly, I recommend finding a local fly fishing shop and get what you need there.  The primary reason is you will have an opportunity to talk one to one with someone and get immediate answers to questions you might have.  They may not have everything you are looking for but I am certain they can order most items you need.  The second reason is to support local small businesses.  The knowledge and experience these folk bring to the shop everyday far exceeds anything you will layout for materials and equipment.

If you do not have a local fly shop look for a fishing store or sporting goods store near you that might carry some of the items you need.  There are many “all ’round” sports shops that have a few employees that fly fish and have pushed management to carry some stock.  Dig around you may be surprised where you can pick up some fly tying items.

If none of those options work for you check out some fly shops that sell online.  Mad River Outfitters, Kelly Galloup’s Slide Inn, Hook & Hackle and Caddis Fly Shop are a few that I have purchased from.  You can always purchase items from Feather Craft online as well.  You may have a favorite shop you like or visited at some point and they may have an online store.

As a last resort you can look to resources like Amazon and eBay.  You can usually find most common materials and the prices are usually what you will find in a typical fly shop.

I started adding affiliate links to materials used in the videos I produce to also try to help people find the things they need. That way you can simply click on the link and it will take you to Amazon where you can add the item to your shopping cart.  Because it is an affiliate link it also helps out Dressed Irons.  Each item you purchase through the affiliate link provides a little money to Dressed Irons for sending you to them.  Plus, even if you do not by the item but instead purchase something else, Dressed Irons is considered in helping with that sale and a small amount comes back here.

You can certainly track down the materials through the video you see but since I have often had people asking about where to purchase materials I thought it might be nice to have a main page also that had all of the affiliate links in one place.  So, the following is a list of all of the materials and their links that I have in some of the videos so far (as of 01/27/2021).  I will be updating this from time to time and will change the date below to reflect when it was last updated.  Be advised, if a product is taken off of Amazon (or any other affiliates I get involved with) the link of this page may not take you to what you are looking for.  However, once on Amazon you can search for what you want and you might find it available from someone else.

I have attempted to organize these in common categories which should help in finding what you might be looking for.  I hope this helps some people find what they need and I thank anyone who purchases anything through these links.  It helps me continue doing what I like to do.

As always, if you have any questions or can not find something (here or anywhere on the internet) you are looking for, send me a note and I will do what I can to help.
Last Updated on 01/28/2021

Mustad 3906                                                     –
Mustad 3906b                                                  –
Mustad 3399                                                    –
Mustad C52S #1                                              –
Mustad R74, #4 – #10                                      –
Mustad 3906b, #4 – #12                                 –
Mustad 9671 (R72), #4 – #10                        –
Mustad 9672, #4 – #10                                   –
Mustad R74, #4 – #10                                     –
Mustad 3366, #1/0 – 6                                   –
Tiemco 5263, #4 – #10                                    –


Danville 6/0, Fl. Chartreuse                              –
Danville 6/0, White                                             –
Pearsall’s Gossamer Silk, Yellow(on eBay)    –
Uni-Thread 8/0, White                                       –
Uni-Thread 8/0, Black                                        –
Uni Thread 8/0 Black                                         –
Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 70 Denier Yellow     –
Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 70 Denier Red          –
Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier White    –
Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier Red       –
Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier, Olive     –
Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier, Black    –
Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier, Chartreuse  –
Wapsi UTC Mono Thread .004                         –


Guinea Fowl, Natural                                          –
Guinea Fowl, Dyed Olive                                    –
Hen Hackle, Black                                                –
Hungarian Partridge, Natural                            –
Mallard Flank Feather, Natural                         –
Marabou, Chartreuse                                         –
Marabou, Olive Yellow                                      –
Marabou, Tan Grizzly                                        –
Marabou, White                                                  –
Ostrich Herl, Black                                             –
Rooster Saddle Hackle, White                         –
Rooster Saddle Hackle, Black                          –
Rooster Saddle Hackle, Red                             –
Rooster Saddle Hackle, Grizzly                       –
Rooster Saddle Hackle, Grizzly Olive             –
Rooster Saddle Hackle, Grizzly Yellow          –
Schlappen, Red                                                  –
Whiting Brahma Hen, Gray                             –


Bucktail, White                                                     –
Rabbit Zonker, Black                                           –

General Materials

2mm Craft Foam, Chartreuse                              –
Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Yellow              –
Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Red                   –
Flash Accent, Pearl                                                –
Flash Accent, Pearl                                                –
Gold Wire, Large                                                     –
Danville Fine Silver Wire                                      –
Holographic Silver Flashabou                              –
Holographic Flashabou, Silver                             –
Ice Dub, Fl. Chartreuse                                          –
Krystal Flash, Fl. Chartreuse                                –
Medium Chenille, Red                                           –
Mylar Tinsel, Gold #12                                          –
Mylar Tinsel, Gold #14                                          –
Mylar Tinsel, Gold #16/18                                    –
Rayon Chenille, Medium Black                           –
Rayon Chenille, Medium, Olive                           –
Round Rubber Legs, Medium Yellow                 –
Round Rubber Legs, Medium Black                   –
Round Rubber Legs, Medium Fl. Orange          –
Silver Mylar Tubing, Medium                              –
UV Ice Dub, Pearl                                                  –
UV Ice Dub, Red                                                    –
Uni-Floss, Black                                                     –
WTP 1/8 Flat Silver Stick-on Eyes                      –
                                                                                      (could not find link for Amazon)
Wapsi Black Mono Eyes, Large                           –
Wapsi Sparkle Braid, Pearl                                  –
Zap Z-Poxy 30 min Epoxy                                   –


.020 Lead Wire                                                       –
.030 Lead                                                                 –
.020 Lead Wire (15 wraps)                                   –
Medium Gold Cone                                                –
Medium Gold Cone                                                –
Silver Beadchain eyes, Large                               –
Wapsi 3/16″ Gold Bead                                        –
Wapsi unpainted dumbbell Eyes, Small            –

Books & Videos

Two Centuries of Soft-Hackled Flies: A Survey of the Literature Complete with Original Patterns:1747-Present by Sylvester Nemes     –
Skip Morris, Tying Foam Flies                             –
Chris Helm, Panfish Flies that Work                  –
Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants     –
Patent Patterns by Jim Schollmeyer                   –