Tying Video – The Gartside Soft Hackle

Years ago I ran across the Gartside Soft Hackle streamer and it has become a favorite fly to fish and tie.  There are a number Jack Gartside’s patterns that I like to tie but for most of the warmwater fly fishing that I do the Soft Hackle streamer gets tied the most often.  If you … Read more

Tying Video – Shewey’s Spawning Purple

I found the Shewey’s Spawning Purple to be a interesting fly to tie.  The name can get twisted up sometimes but the way the fly is put together is pretty much straight forward.  Many salmon and steelhead flies have the same basic components, tag, body, throat, wing, cheeks, etc…  Many of these flies are put … Read more

Tying Video – The Popsicle

This weeks fly is the Popsicle, sometimes called the Alaskabou Popsicle.  I was introduced to this fly years ago when I started chasing steelhead and salmon in the great lakes.  It is basically a bright “flesh” fly which are very popular in Alaska.  I have not managed to catch any Midwest steelhead or salmon on … Read more

Tying Video – Green Butt Skunk

This weeks fly tying video is the Green Butt Skunk.  I wanted to do a few Salmon & Steelhead flies over the next few weeks and am starting with this one.  The Green Butt Skunk is actually a variation of the original Skunk fly, another popular Steelhead fly.  Basically, a couple wraps of Fl. Chartreuse … Read more