Tying Video – Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp

Shorter note today about the tying video of Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp.  Short for two reasons; one I am trying to finish up another article on Dressed Irons that is more interesting and two, other than a great fly there is not much more to say about this pattern.  Except, if you are headed anywhere where … Read more

Class Notes – Bonefish Flies 2020

Just a quick post about the Bonefish fly tying class at FlyMasters of Indianapolis that I taught this past Saturday.  Below are a number of photos from the class.  If you would like a closer view simply click on the photo and it will zoom in for you. We had a very nice class on … Read more

Bonefish Fly Tying Class

Heads up to all those who like the Salt Life, this Saturday at FlyMasters I will be teaching a class on Bonefish Flies for the Caribbean.  Three shrimpy patterns that are proven producers. All are simple ties and do not require much in the way of materials or skills to quickly fill a fly box.  … Read more