Tying Video – Redfish Hammerhead

A few weeks ago I did a number of Redfish fly videos on some patterns I recently used while in Louisiana in February chasing Redfish.  One other pattern I used, very successfully, was the Redfish Hammerhead.  It is a variation on the regular Anderson Hammerhead that was developed in 2009 for chasing Great Lakes Carp.  … Read more

Video Highlight of Redfish Trip

Finally processed all the video footage from my recent Redfish trip. Unfortunately, the video from my DSLR did not turn out all that great. Most of it was out of focus. I did manage to get some great shots on my phone. I put them all in chronological order so you could get an idea … Read more

On the Way to Redfish

The day has finally arrived, headed to Houma, LA for some Redfish fishing. All the flies are tied, probably more than I need, and all the gear is packed. Taking 10 weight rods and fishing with straight 30 pound mono (about 3 – 5 feet in length) for leader and tippet. The information from Kevin … Read more

Last Batch of Redfish Hammerheads

At least for this trip… this is the last batch of Redfish Hammerhead flies. When talking with Kevin Morlock (our guide) he seemed to think Chartreuse and a combination of Chartreuse and Purple would be very productive. These are setup the same way as the other Redfish Hammerheads (read about it here) and also have … Read more