Carrie Stevens Streamer Fly Tying Class Details

Saturday November 9th will be the last fly tying class I will be doing in 2019 at FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  With the holidays coming up most people will be too busy with so many other aspects of their lives that a fly tying class will be way down on the totem pole of priorities that … Read more

Bergman Wet Fly Tying Class Detail

Saturday October 5th I will be teaching a class on Ray Bergman Wet Flies at FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  I have picked out three simple wet flies that represent many of the different skills and techniques needed to tie wet flies.  The focus in this class is to introduce tiers to how wet flies are constructed … Read more

Bucktail Streamer Class Details

On September 14th I will be teaching a Bucktail Streamer Class at FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  I have chosen three wonderful bucktail flies that will not only introduce tiers to some classic streamers and the fun of tying bucktail streamers but also provide some very productive fly patterns.  Streamer season is starting here in central Indiana … Read more

Bass Topwater Class At FlyMasters

As mentioned in the last newsletter, I am teaching a class this coming Saturday on Bass Topwater Flies.  I will be teaching three patterns I have been using (and teaching) for years.  Only this time there will be a little twist on two of the patterns.  The class is on Saturday May 18th and starts … Read more

Wonderful Streamer Class

I had a great class at FlyMasters of Indianapolis this past Saturday! Turnout was six people and given the smaller confines that is just about the right number; everyone could get the attention they needed. With spring finally here and the waters warming up the Smallmouth Bass season will be in full swing. That made … Read more