Tying Video – Carrie Stevens Supervisor

The Supervisor is an interesting pattern of Carrie Stevens as she did not create it.  The Supervisor was created by Joseph S. Stickney.  He was not a fly tier himself but very much liked the flies that Carrie Stevens tied and had her tie the Supervisor for him.  The original did not have the peacock … Read more

Tying Video – Carrie Stevens Casablanca

The Casablanca is one of four patriotic flies that Carrie Stevens created during WWII. I did not know this until I decided to tie this video this week and started to do some research. Unfortunately, I have not learned much more than that. I do not believe they were tied commercially but rather her small … Read more

Tying Video – The Wizard

The video for the Wizard has been published.   The Wizard is the third fly in a series of Carrie Stevens flies that I am doing and the third for a fly tying class I will be teaching at FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  I chose the wizard because of it color combination as well as the fact … Read more

Carrie Stevens Streamer Fly Tying Class Details

Saturday November 9th will be the last fly tying class I will be doing in 2019 at FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  With the holidays coming up most people will be too busy with so many other aspects of their lives that a fly tying class will be way down on the totem pole of priorities that … Read more

Tying Video – Don’s Delight

As mentioned in the previous post, I have a tying class at FlyMasters on the 9th of November.  Since we are still in streamer season I decided to do a class on Carrie Stevens streamers.  Last week I did a video on Allie’s Favorite which is one of the flies I will be teaching in … Read more