Tying Video – The Craven’s Soft Hackle

Wrapping up soft hackles (for a while) with the Craven’s Purple Soft Hackle.  I generally refer to it as the Craven’s Soft Hackle as you can change the color of the body and you then you have a Craven’s Orange Soft Hackle, or a Craven’s Chartreuse Soft Hackle (you get the idea).  I ran across … Read more

Tying Video – Tupp’s Indispensable

The Tupp’s Indispensable soft hackle first caught my eye in Sylvester Nemes’ book Two Centuries of Soft-Hackled flies.  It mostly attracted me because of the pink in the fly.  Also, being another Clyde style fly it’s sparseness I also found interesting.  Just some yellow tying silk, pinkish dubbing and a ginger hackle.  Nothing to it, … Read more