Even though YouTube is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to training and education, sometime a simple Step by Step walk through is what is really needed. That is what this section of Dressed Irons is all about.

From time to time we will publish a detailed Step by Step tutorial on tying a certain pattern and this page will be a directory of sorts as to the ones we have already published. Each set of Step by Step instructions will include a large resolution image of the finished fly, a complete materials list (so you can actually get the things used in the fly) and each step of the instructions will have a high resolution image to show just what is being done.

Eventually, we will start adding in links to the various materials and places on the internet where you can purchase them. This is a bit more involved in the overall Step by Step instructions but in the long run it will be worth the extra effort. The idea is that is someone comes across a fly they really want to tie they know exactly what materials were used and be able to get them (by manufacturer and product name, size and color, etc…). However, one drawback to this is that the Internet is an ever changing beast. It is possible that a link to materials or additional info may not work one day. We shall do our best to keep the following instructions current but we may need people to send us a note when something is not working.

Lastly, if there is a particular pattern you would like to see a Step by Step set of instructions then send me a note.



Directory of Flies

Anderson Hammerhead (Carp Flies)