Smallmouth Crayfish Flies in June

I have had numerous requests this winter for a smallmouth crawdad/crayfish class.  I have a class each month already set up through March, April, May and I will be adding a smallmouth crawdad or crayfish class in June 2020.  Here in Central Indiana we are pretty much smallmouth country and they are in almost every … Read more

Tying Video – The Wizard

The video for the Wizard has been published.   The Wizard is the third fly in a series of Carrie Stevens flies that I am doing and the third for a fly tying class I will be teaching at FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  I chose the wizard because of it color combination as well as the fact … Read more

Tying Video – Don’s Delight

As mentioned in the previous post, I have a tying class at FlyMasters on the 9th of November.  Since we are still in streamer season I decided to do a class on Carrie Stevens streamers.  Last week I did a video on Allie’s Favorite which is one of the flies I will be teaching in … Read more

Tying Video – Allie’s Favorite

My next series of flies are some classic Carrie Stevens streamers.  I just love these long streamers and think they are some of the most beautiful flies ever created.  There are many great creators of some very classic streamer and Carrie Stevens is one of the best known creators of these patterns.  The first in … Read more