Tying Video – The Black Moose

The Black Moose is an interesting fly besides being a very colorful pattern.  The colors are what caught my eye at first.   Being primarily a warmwater fly fisher anything with bright purple or bright green/chartreuse needs attention.  This fly has them both with some nice contrasting mottled Guinea and black thrown in.  I did not … Read more

Tying Video – The Barrington

The Barrington is another classic wet fly that has been around for many years.  It is a simple pattern that can be fished in different ways to resemble multiple things fish might eat.  I chose the Barrington because I wanted to demonstrate a technique for applying peacock herl onto larger hooks that can help get … Read more

Tying Video – The King of the Waters

The King of the Waters is a very old pattern.  It is listed in Ray Bergman’s book Trout.  It is on Plate #5 and the recipe is listed on page 435.  It is also mentioned in Mary Orvis Marbury’s book Favorite Flies and Their Histories (plate R).  According to her book “the King of the … Read more

Tying Video – Smallmouth It’s-A-Bug

Way back in August of 2019 I published a video on a fly called It’s-A-Bug.  It is a fly I read about in a short little article in Fly Tyer magazine back in 2001.  It is a great panfish fly but I thought if I tied it a little bigger and added some rubber legs … Read more