Tying Video – Silver Zonker

The Zonker streamer is one of those flies that was created as a baitfish imitation and has done so well that has evolved into a type of tying “style” as much as a specific fly.  Similar to the Woolly Bugger or the Clouser Deep Minnow.   The originals were tied in a certain way with certain … Read more

Tying Video – The Autumn Splendor

We are in the middle of streamer season here in central Indiana and this weeks fly tying video is on another productive streamer that is good for both coldwater and warmwater species.  The Autumn Splender is essentially a Woolly Bugger on steroids; with a cone head and rubber legs.  Like a Woolly Bugger, it has … Read more

Tying Video – The Clouser Darter

If you have already watched the tying video for the Clouser Darter then you heard me mention that Bob Clouser introduced me to this pattern about 20 years ago.  The short version of the story is his Deep Minnow was not working on a particular body of water were it had been on another not … Read more

Tying Video – Dave Whitlock’s Near Nuff Sculpin

If you do any streamer fishing for trout or Bass at some point you will come across a Sculpin pattern and find out just how productive they can be.  There are many Sculpin patterns being tied these days and I am certain even more are coming in the future.  Today’s video is all about an … Read more

Tying Video – Carter Nelson’s SEM Sculpin

One of the first videos I published here at Dressed Irons was on one of my all time favorite fishing flies; The Rubber Legged Dragon (RLD) by Carter Nelson.  I delineate between “fishing flies” and “tying flies” because some flies are more fun at the vise than on the water and vise versa.  The Rubber … Read more

Tying Video – The Gartside Soft Hackle

Years ago I ran across the Gartside Soft Hackle streamer and it has become a favorite fly to fish and tie.  There are a number Jack Gartside’s patterns that I like to tie but for most of the warmwater fly fishing that I do the Soft Hackle streamer gets tied the most often.  If you … Read more