Tying Video – Smallmouth It’s-A-Bug

Way back in August of 2019 I published a video on a fly called It’s-A-Bug.  It is a fly I read about in a short little article in Fly Tyer magazine back in 2001.  It is a great panfish fly but I thought if I tied it a little bigger and added some rubber legs … Read more

Tying Video – SMP Fly

Fly Fishing in central Indiana is all about the warmwater species.  Smallmouth may be king but panfish are a major target fish in warmwater.  Why not?  They are plentiful, you don’t need fancy flies and equipment to catch them and they are very eager to take a fly.  In fact, many fly fisherman and women … Read more

Tying Video – It’s-A-Bug

Many moons ago, Fly Tyer magazine had an article on a new little panfish fly called It’s-A-Bug (it was the 2001 spring issue if you want to look for it).  My first thought was not only would it be a great panfish fly but in a larger size with some legs and it could be … Read more

Tying Video – Soft Hackle Beadhead Prince Nymph

This weeks video is on the Prince Nymph, or more correctly a Soft Hackle Beadhead Prince Nymph.  The Prince Nymph is a very versatile trout nymph that can resemble many different larva in the water and will catch many different species of fish.  The most difficult aspect of tying the fly is securing the white … Read more

Tying Video – PA Ant

I had the opportunity throughout most of the 2000’s to fish a number of streams in central Pennsylvania.  Some larger streams and even some very small mountain streams that had Brown Trout, Rainbow trout and some small Brook trout in them.  Although I was able to fish during a number of hatches most of the … Read more

Tying Video – Rubber Spider

In keeping with my desire to spend more time on the water than at the vise these days, I have another simple fly that does not take much time to tie but is very versatile.  The Rubber Spider (also called the Foam Rubber Spider) is a very simple fly to tie but it is a … Read more

Tying Video – Rubber Legged Dragon

Every fly fisher has a number of flies that they do not leave home without.  The Rubber Legged Dragon is one of those for me, especially when fishing for warmwater species.  Too often it has made the difference between not catching much and have a very good day.  It is a simple Mayfly imitation that … Read more