Tying Video – Gartside Sparrow

If you have been tying flies for any length of time and fishing them longer you have probably run across a Jack Gartside fly. Jack Gartside developed a number of patterns in the later half of the 20th century for coldwater, warmwater and even saltwater species. He was very innovative and focused on keeping his … Read more

Tying Video – The Craven’s Soft Hackle

Wrapping up soft hackles (for a while) with the Craven’s Purple Soft Hackle.  I generally refer to it as the Craven’s Soft Hackle as you can change the color of the body and you then you have a Craven’s Orange Soft Hackle, or a Craven’s Chartreuse Soft Hackle (you get the idea).  I ran across … Read more

Tying Video – Tupp’s Indispensable

The Tupp’s Indispensable soft hackle first caught my eye in Sylvester Nemes’ book Two Centuries of Soft-Hackled flies.  It mostly attracted me because of the pink in the fly.  Also, being another Clyde style fly it’s sparseness I also found interesting.  Just some yellow tying silk, pinkish dubbing and a ginger hackle.  Nothing to it, … Read more

Tying Video – Orange Fish Hawk

The Orange Fish Hawk is a wonderful soft hackle for both cold and warm water species especially when the water is clear and slow.  This fly has been around for many years and was included in Ray Bergman’s book Just Fishing published in 1932.  I first tied this for chasing panfish and bass in some … Read more

Tying Video – Woodcock Quill

The Woodcock Quill is another old soft hackle pattern.  I found this one in Sylvester Nemes’ book (Two Centuries of Soft-Hackle Flies) as well.  His book mentions Modern Trout Fly Dressing, by Roger Woolley which was published in 1932.  I was actually looking at tying the Peacock & Partridge (which is very similar to the … Read more

Tying Video – Reid’s Assassin

I chose this weeks fly, another soft hackle, because of it’s interesting history as well as it’s similarity to other soft hackles I have tied recently.  This fly is also found in Sylvester Nemes book, Two Centuries of Soft-Hackled Flies.  The Reid’s Assassin is another very simple fly, like many of the soft hackle patterns.  … Read more