Tying Video – Smallmouth It’s-A-Bug

Way back in August of 2019 I published a video on a fly called It’s-A-Bug.  It is a fly I read about in a short little article in Fly Tyer magazine back in 2001.  It is a great panfish fly but I thought if I tied it a little bigger and added some rubber legs … Read more

Tying Video – Joe’s Hopper

Joe’s Hopper is one of my favorite terrestrial/hopper patterns to tie.  It is a simple and straightforward fly and even if you don’t get everything just right you can still catch fish with it.  The pattern was originally tied by Art Winnie and was call the Michigan Hopper.  I think he created it sometime in … Read more

Tying Video – Henry’s Fork Hopper

The Henry’s Fork Hopper was created by Mike Lawson back on the 1970’s.  Specifically, he created it for fishing on the Henry’s Fork river and specifically when hoppers were prevalent (a.k.a terrestrial or “hopper” season).  Like many great flies, there is not much to it but it is put together in such a way as … Read more

Tying Video – The Bumblepuppy Streamer

The Bumblepuppy is a fly created by Theodore Gordon around the 1890s.  It is an interesting fly pattern in that he never considered it a “completed” fly.  That is to say, he never saw any versions of the fly as the one he thought was the best and therefore not needing any more development.  All … Read more

Tying Video – The Autumn Splendor

We are in the middle of streamer season here in central Indiana and this weeks fly tying video is on another productive streamer that is good for both coldwater and warmwater species.  The Autumn Splender is essentially a Woolly Bugger on steroids; with a cone head and rubber legs.  Like a Woolly Bugger, it has … Read more

Tying Video – The Faux Flying Ant

This is the last “panfish” fly in the series I have been doing for the past few weeks.  I use the term panfish loosely because the Faux Flying Ant is a wonderful trout fly (or so I think, we’ll find out).  This fly came into being when a follower asked if I knew of any … Read more

Christmas Jubilee 2019 Video

The Christmas Jubilee fly is my way of showing how very much I appreciate everyones support over the past year.  If you have been following any of my recent videos (in the last 6 to 8 weeks) then it will be no surprise as to where the idea and design for the 2019 version of … Read more

Tying Video – Green Butt Skunk

This weeks fly tying video is the Green Butt Skunk.  I wanted to do a few Salmon & Steelhead flies over the next few weeks and am starting with this one.  The Green Butt Skunk is actually a variation of the original Skunk fly, another popular Steelhead fly.  Basically, a couple wraps of Fl. Chartreuse … Read more

Tying Video – Carrie Stevens Lady Killer

Carrie Stevens Lady Killer streamer is the last pattern in my recent series of Carrie Stevens flies.  I ran across this fly in the book Carrie G. Stevens Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies by Graydon R. Hilyard and Leslie K. Hilyard.  Initially, I chose it because it caught my eye but after … Read more

Tying Video – Carrie Stevens Doctor Gray

The Doctor Gray is almost identical to another fly Carrie Stevens tied call the Doctor White. In fact they are both identical except the wing hackle is White in the Doctor White and Gray in the (you guessed it) Doctor Gray. I did find out that the Doctor Gray was named after a fishing friend … Read more